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January 22, 1014 Congratulations to Harper Jewel, Eva LeNoir and Alex Cook, Book Cover Contest Winners!



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Ribbet collageevaCover art by Dee Allen

Congratulations to Harper, silver medal, and Eva and Alex, both bronze medal winners at Authorsbd Cover Contest!


January 21, 2014 New Release: My Gay Vampire by JC Wells


In the mountains of Europe lies a hidden city filled with vampires living a dedicated, sexual lifestyle. Ryker, the clan leader, has never given heart and soul to another man, until he finds himself with a burning attraction to Judah, his irresistibly virile student. As much as Ryker struggles to deny the hot man-lust broiling inside, there’s something in the younger man’s touch too powerful to ignore.

Judah, a gay, newly turned vampire, needs Ryker’s love, but time is running out. As the clan leader teaches him to devote his life to the pursuit of the highest sexual pleasure, he grows determined to use his body to bring his mentor to his knees.

But there’s danger on the horizon as a possible revolt threatens the delicate balance of their hidden world of pleasure. Will Ryker and Judah learn that to love means to sacrifice everything? Even their very lives?

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January 20, 2014 The Black Room Series by Cleo Taurus


Strong, sure, the Ultimate Dominant, Michael knows, and always, gets what he wants. From training and freeing one submissive so she can find her perfect match, to finding the one woman who he will never let go. Journey with Michael into the Black Room and watch him work!


January 19, 2014 Weekly ReCap


                       Welcome our new Editor in Chief: Frank Lee



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New Release: Spanking Bench Confessionals: The Agreement by Cleo Taurus

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The Hidden Series by Fantasia Virtuoso


On The Set Series by TL Reeve

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The Pit Series by Edward Tailor


Demon Soul Series by Kim Seidel and Ben Wilson


January 18, 2013 Demon Soul Series by Kim Seidel and Ben Wilson


When his friend Hunter Barnet is brutally murdered, Luke Arnold is determined to find his killer. Stymied at every turn, Luke finds more than he bargained for at a convention in New Orleans. More murders are being committed, and now, its about more than finding his best friends killer!




January 17, 2014 The Pit Series: By Edward Tailor

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The Pit series centers around three ‘brothers’ Cameron, Harvey and Hamilton, who own an exclusive BDSM club.  The first two books focus on Cameron, the next two on Harvey and the next one on Hamilton.  All Doms, they each have a different spin and bring something unique to the books.  Each brings a different take on things; Cam, the pain Dom, Harvey the seductive Dom and Hamilton the hard core out of control Dom with legendary patience.  Cam is looking for his perfect sub without any success until he meets Tilly by accident.  Harvey isn’t looking for anyone, in fact he’s avoiding relationships completely, even to the point of only doing ménages.  Ham has very hard edges and no filters of any kind. 


January 16, 2014 On the Set series by TL Reeve


Sky Rocket Productions, is a multi-million dollar Adult Entertainment company. Each story revolves around the owner, Heather and her many actors and actresses. Although the sex and the movie are the subplots to the book, each book deals with either deception; Behind the Scenes, Death; Rent Boy and To Catch a Killer, or Revenge and Kidnapping; Please Me. The suspense is always high, the stories are always edge of your seat, fast pace reads and most definitely a sexy good time.

Available at Amazon. Barnes and Noble, All Romance,Kobo Books and itunes.


January 15, 2014 The Hidden Series by Fantasia Virtuoso

Ribbet collagefantas

The Hidden is an erotic tale of modern day vampires that have made Memphis their seat of power and are trying to live in a world where humans are prey yet forbidden them. They are ruled by a covenant as members of a special church led by one of the oldest vampires amongst them. There are only two unbreakable rules. No vampire can take blood from a live vein and it is forbidden to kill a human. Deacon enforces these rules under pain of death. Emphasis on pain. They also protect the secret of the existence of vampires by remaining hidden in plain sight among humans. But there is a small growing number among them who chafe at these rules and are taking matters into their own hands. The stories of The Hidden will follow Deacon and Rose, his mate, and those who join and oppose them, as they seek answers to who among the vampires are breaking the pact of the covenant. Along the way the stories of others among the vampires will be told. 

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo Books and itunes.


January 14, 2014 New Release: Spanking Bench Confessionals: The Agreement By Cleo Taurus

the agreement 200x300

Six years ago, Jenny left the only man she ever loved, wanted or needed when he made it abundantly clear he would never collar her. Now, after a scandal that leaves her in ruin and disgrace, she heads back to the one man who could help her, Taylor. Will he give her a chance to prove herself? Or will the mistakes she made all those years ago be too much for him to get over. Can the two former lovers come to an Agreement?

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January 13, 2014 Welcome Frank Lee, Horny Devil Publishing’s new Editor-In-Chief!

Frank Lee is an MFA workshop trained writer, with over 25 years’ experience as a freelance writer, editor and educator.  He was published internationally in literary journals, often alongside Pulitzer and Nobel winners, and has contributed dozens of book reviews to library trade journals as well as commercial review magazines. As an educator, he has worked with people everywhere from Southeast Asian sidewalks to university classrooms.  His career in erotica began as a freelance writer for numerous mass market publications, including Penthouse Variations and Hustler.  The best of his work can be found in his ebooks, including Raw Honey, available with HDP.


January 11, 2014 Weekly Recap

FotoFlexer_PhotovampNew Release: Vamped by Kim Seidel and Ben Wilson

1513192_270009586487155_1260386169_nCongratulations to Alex Cook, Harper Jewel and Eva LeNoir: Finalists in the Authorsdb Book cover contest!

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You Only Love TwiceSpotlight on Rayne Bexley!





January 10, 2014 Spotlight on Rayne Bexley

You Only Love Twice

Welcome to Horny Devil’s spotlight on Authors Rayne! I want to start by asking you how you started writing.

What was it that drew you to it?

Honestly, I started in an online role playing group.  I had written for book characters and independent roles and loved it.  It just segued into trying my hand at writing a story.  I have always been kind of creative writing poetry and songs, and thought that I would try my hand at writing my own stories.

Do you use anything from your real life in your writing?

No, not really, I do look for ideas in everyday life and situations, but none of my characters are really modeled after anyone, or any situations portrayed.

Is there anything off limits to you? I.E. religion, politics, that kind of thing?

For me to write about?  I probably would never write something involving politics.  People have really strong opinions; religion I think as long as you are respectful of others beliefs and don’t try to win the reader over to yours it can be accomplished gracefully.  As far as talking about Religion or Politics- I don’t go there.

When you’re writing, do you hear your characters voices?

I definitely hear their voices and watch it play in my mind like a movie!

Do you have an outline when you work? Or do you just let your mind open up and go where it takes you?

I have a general outline, but I have veered off it letting the story tell itself.

Do you have any guilty pleasures you would care to share?

Well, coffee is probably my biggest vice.  I love a nice dark bold coffee with a touch of cream, and sweet and low.  Flavored coffee is a no-no for me.  I like my coffee to taste like coffee.  Tumblr and pinterest have become something that I can really lose hours on, and when I really want to laugh, I go to Damn You Autocorrect website and laugh my ass off for hours that I will never get back, but never feel like I wasted my time.

What are you working on now? Anything you wish to share with your readers?

I am working on what I am referring to my “Lake House” story.  Not sure where I’m going with this.  I have it outlined, and have started it.  It seems like this will most likely not be a short story, and the thought of that is overwhelming.  I also so many more started that I am eager to return to

Do you ever suffer from the dreaded writers block? And if so, how do you deal with it?

Funny you should ask that.  I just went through a period of about six months where I just couldn’t write.  I had so many great ideas (which I have written down) but every time I attempted to sit down…nothing.  I had some things I was dealing with, and I just think that I just needed to work through it all.  What helped me was a suggestion from a friend, (TL Reeve) and the slight push and encouragement from a few other author and the EIC from HDP- You never know how a few kind words can affect someone, I am very grateful.

Finally, do you have a snippet of what your readers can expect next?

This is from a manuscript that has recently been submitted titled Access TO Love.  It’s still rough and unedited.

Ivy collapsed forward; her body pressed to his, her face in the crook of his neck still connected very intimately…and began to weep.  Deacon held onto her like a lifeline in the middle of the sea, his arms enfolding her, calming and caressing her.  Their time together was slipping away, and reality of it washed over Ivy threatening to drown her in it.  “Shhhh Baby…I got you.  Let it out…it’s gonna be okay.”  She didn’t know how long they stayed like that, at some point, she felt him slip out of her, and that made her cry more. 

 Deacon lifted her up, dried her off, and  wrapping her in one of his big fluffy terry cloth robes, tightening the belt around her as a parent would dress a child…and Ivy let him.  He carried her to his bed and slid  in behind her, holding her and kissing her, whispering in her ear that they would work it all somehow, her heart desperately needing to believe him, her head calculating the distance between them.  


January 9, 2014 Editors Wanted!

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January 8, 2014 Congratulations to our Finalists in the Cover Art Contest!

1513192_270009586487155_1260386169_nVirgin Prey by Harper Jewel

Fifty Seven Shades of Shit  Dysfunctional Debauchery by Alex Cook


Congratulations to Eva Lenoir, Alex Cook and Harper Jewel! Their covers are now in the finals of the Cover Contest at Authorsdb! and to Dee Allen for her fantastic work!

Dee Allen


January 7, 2014 New Release: Vamped by Kim Seidel and Ben Wilson


Following the disappearance of his best friend, Luke Arnold embarks on a quest to discover the truth. Hitting one dead end after another, with no discovery of the body, Hunter falls into a downward spiral of drinking and depression as he tries to forget his worst failure as a detective. When he goes to a police convention in New Orleans with two colleagues, his downfall continues until the men decide to go to an alluring strip club called Vamped, where a mysterious string of murders terrorizes the club and its intensely enticing owner. He should have listened to the bartender’s warning, but he can’t change what’s already done. All he can do is stay alive long enough to figure out who’s at the root of the deadly mystery.

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January 5, 2014 Weekly Recap


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New Release 12/31/13 Her Other Lover by T.K. Holt!

Call for submissions 2

Have a Story in you burning to be told? Show us what you got!

To Catch a Killer 200x300

Spot Light on Author TL Reeve!









January 3, 2014 Spotlight on TL Reeve


What was it that drew you to it?That drew me to writing? I’ve always done it in some form or fashion. Whether it was term papers or silly quips about cafeteria food, I was writing. It became easier to do when I got a computer and could actually hone it and keep going. That was when the magic happened.

Do you use anything from your real life in your writing? Sometimes I do. Most of the time, no. My life is too complicated and messed up to even try and delve into it. So I stick with stuff I’d like to see in books. It might not be exactly what people are expecting, but it works out in the end.

Is there anything off limits to you? I.E. religion, politics, that kind of thing? Yes, I don’t do political or religious fodder. I don’t think for me it would be a good thing to write on. Other than that I’m pretty open to trying new genres and different scenarios.

When you’re writing, do you hear your characters voices? Yes, I do. I think in order to write a good story or even great story You have to listen to your characters.

Do you have an outline when you work? Or do you just let your mind open up and go where it takes you? Eh, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I’m finding lately that I need an outline to keep me on track. But sometimes I don’t like being put in a box. It’s too confining and when I have a spur of the moment idea, I like to drop it in and not worry how it will affect the next section since it’s easier to adjust.

Do you have any guilty pleasures you would care to share? Chocolate, latte’s and reading. Not in that particular order, but I have somewhere close to 700 books on my Kindle and yeah, I’ve read just about every one of them.

What are you working on now? Anything you wish to share with your readers? Right now I am working on Satin and Chrome book two of my; Men of Vulture Row series. And, I should be getting the edits to Please Me soon for my; On the Set series as well. So I’ll be busy, busy.

Do you ever suffer from the dreaded writers block? And if so, how do you deal with it? Doesn’t everyone? I usually shut down and try to forget about it. Sometimes it may take a couple of days to work out, so I’ll read and relax and come back to it when my brain has had a chance to unclog itself.

Finally, do you have a snippet of what your readers can expect next? Sure how about a snippet of Please Me since that’s one I’ll be editing next.

Please Me ©TL Reeve 2013 (Unedited)
Pulling into the driveway of Sky Rocket Productions, Sam parked her car and got out. She’d always been told that being a Dom was a private thing, something that wasn’t shared with the, ‘outside,’ world. That if vanilla people caught wind of what dominates did to submissives, they would be hung in town squares all over the country. It seemed a little convoluted to her when Harvey told her that, but, then again, if it wasn’t a secret, why didn’t he take her anywhere? Maybe I should ask Dirk? Walking inside, she stopped at the partitioned window to ask where she was supposed to be. She wasn’t exactly sure which stage they were on and being her first day, she didn’t want to mess it up.


“Good Mornin’ Samantha,” Dirk’s deep resonating voice brought her out of her thoughts.


“Uh, morn…” she cleared her throat. “Morning, Dirk. Long time no see.” Her gaze darted away from his as she tried to gather her wits.


“Where you heading to Heather’s Office by chance?” His finger lifted her chin turning her face back to his. A leisurely smile filled his features. God, how did someone get even more gorgeous in six months?


“I was, yes.” She lowered her eyes to the floor, unable to keep their eye contact.


“So you wouldn’t mind me joining you?” She shivered as his brogue caressed her flesh in the most devious ways.


“No, I don’t mind.” She whispered stepping away from the lure of his touch. She needed to put some distance between them. She needed to earn his touch. That’s what she was taught and this time she didn’t want to mess up or make a fool of herself.


Making her way down the hall, she could feel Dirk’s body heat radiate off of him. His hand skimmed her lower back and goose bumps spread across her skin. She heard him chuckle behind her and bit her lip to keep from saying something totally out of place. The company was already in full swing as they rounded the corner. Actors mulled around the area, some in their robes and some completely naked.


Sam stopped at Heather’s door and knocked. The two men who’d greeted her before were finally gone, and so were the charges against Heather. Samantha remembered hearing about Vivian and crazy Connie. The woman seriously had it out for Heather, or so Sam thought anyway. When it was announced on the news that the woman not only killed Vivian, but was also the killer Vivian hired to kill Heather or at least knock her ass for a loop, Sam couldn’t believe it.


“Come in,” she heard Heather command and opened the door. “Sam, you made it. Excellent, now all we have to do is wait on Dir…” Dirk’s large frame filled the room right behind Sam. She could feel her body flush as he pressed his chest to her back. “Dirk, what a pleasant surprise.”


“It’s good to see you too, Heather.” Samantha’s nipples hardened as his voice rumbled through her body. She tingled from head to toe with anticipation and instead of welcoming it, she swallowed hard and counted to ten trying to control her reaction to him.


“Have a seat you two,” she said, pointing to the chairs in front of her. Sam took the opportunity to clear her head and sat down in the chair closest to the door, leaving Dirk to sit almost against the wall. “Okay, so I took your script and revamped it a little. I liked what we did with your test scene, so I built from it.”


Heather handed them both a new script and Sam gasped. “This is almost completely brand new, Heather.”


“Yes it is,” she chuckled. “I couldn’t quite get the image of you guys together on the bed out of my mind. I also like the adlibbing Dirk did. So, in a way, this will be your movie just as much as mine.” Heather then passed over two new contracts. “I want you both to read these over along with the script and meet with me in the morning. If everything is agreeable to you both, we’ll start filming then.”


Sam couldn’t believe it. She’d set herself up to work today, and Heather was changing everything. “O-okay, sure. Thanks.” She stood up taking the contract off of Heather’s desk, and started to walk away.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Dirk asked grasping her wrist to stop her. “We aren’t done yet, Lass.”


“Yeah we are, Dirk. I was going to take my script and contract home and go over it. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She tried to yank out of his hold, but he held fast.


“No, you’re coming to my place and we’re going to go over everything together.” Sam’s mouth fell open. She tried to tell him no several times but nothing came out. How dare he think he could just control her like he owned her! He wasn’t her Master, hell he wasn’t even a real BDSM Dom. He was just an actor Heather found that didn’t like being rough when it counted.


“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m sure your girlfriend or whatever you have wouldn’t like a girl…me being at your place on such short notice.” Her pulse raced and her breath hitched as he smirked at her and shook his head.


“The place is empty ‘cept for me. I have no girlfriend or wife. I’m too stubborn and set in my ways.” The corners of his eyes crinkled, giving him a boyish appearance as he chuckled. “Join me, Samantha.”


How could she say no to him when he looked that devilishly handsome and cocky at the same time? She nodded, “Alright, I’ll go, but I need directions to your house.”

* * * * *

So there you are, I hope everyone likes it. And, thank you for spotlighting me today. I’ve had fun!



January 2, 2014 Submissions Wanted!

Call for submissions 2Do you have a story that is burning up inside you? if so, write it and submit it to our Editors ! sexy and sweet or down and dirty, show us what you’ve got!



January 1, 2014 Happy New Year!

pizap.com13884236648121From all of us at Horny Devil Publishing to all of you

May you all have a happy and fruitful New Year!